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    Bölüşmek   ID: 49386:277209
    Satın al Мрамор, травертин, оникс
    358.94 TRY(___'dan 1 )
    Toptan fiyat

    Company “SarpStone” is a major production and logistics company working with natural stone since 1995, both in Turkish and in theworld market, and provides a range of services:

    – Extraction of natural stone in its own quarries in Turkey;
    – Purchase of natural stone blocks from the partner factories with the subsequent processing of products in its own production in Turkey;
    – Sawing blocks into slabs and tiles with subsequent processing;
    – Delivery of stone products anywhere in the world.

    According to that we have our own career, as well a very close buisiness relationship with other leading world’s mining factorys, adjusted production and professional staff with extensive experience,            “SarpStone” offers the most favorable conditions of cooperation to each customer.

    The priority of the company «SarpStone» is a high production quality and fast speed of work, as well, – one of the important habit of us – You can always trust us! That is why, today, “SarpStone” is recognized as the standard of quality and the most wider opportunities. Customers of “SarpStone” from all over the world consists from many different industries: suppliers of natural stone, construction companies and hypermarkets, architects, design studios, sculptors. Every year, they come to us, and it helps them to stay always between the leaders.
    Whenever You wish we will organise a warm  meeting at the office and interesting productive trip to quarry and factory.


    • Мрамор, травертин, оникс
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    Satın al мрамор, травертин, оникс
    358.94 TRY(___'dan 1 )
    Toptan fiyat
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